Enhancing Patient Discovery: Our Approach

At UVTreat.com, we lead the way in UVB Phototherapy solutions, attracting thousands of men and women in search of safe, effective, and affordable skin disease treatments.

Alongside our extensive library of educational resources to inform our visitors, we provide Priority Providers with enhanced visibility, generating valuable referrals from our website’s traffic.

As a Priority Provider, you’ll also gain access to a curated marketing kit packed with proven resources, simplifying promotion efforts to boost patient interest, expand your reach, and drive patient acquisition.

Discover the added benefits available exclusively to Priority Providers, including a Personalized Directory Listing.

Set yourself apart as a certified provider in your region with a customized directory listing on our platform. This feature significantly amplifies patient referrals and engagement, as our website visitors can effortlessly connect with you for treatment. It’s a seamless way to enhance your accessibility and visibility within the healthcare landscape.

Gain access to a comprehensive marketing toolkit filled with proven resources designed to simplify and supercharge your promotional efforts.

From ready-to-use social media posts to informative eBooks and curated email campaigns, these tools empower you to boost patient interest, expand your practice’s reach, and drive patient acquisition effectively.

Unlock Exclusive Wholesale Pricing for our at-home UV Treat Devices, allowing you to offer cost-effective treatment options to your patients.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 Customer Support.

By choosing to be a Priority Provider with UVTreat.com, you’re taking concrete steps to elevate your practice and patient care to new heights.

To learn more about how to become a Priority Provider, contact the email address found in this module’s description.

Congratulations on completing this section of your training on How to Scale Your Practice with UV Treat! If you have any questions or would like to explore prescribing at-home units or become a Priority Provider, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.