Structuring Pricing Effectively

The primary challenges that frequently hinder the growth of dermatological practices and their ability to provide more effective solutions include fierce competition, geographical limitations, and patient inconveniences.

UV Treat is here to help you overcome these challenges. We can help you reach a broader patient base by removing geographical limitations, stand out from competitors by providing the latest skincare advancements, and meet your patients’ demand for convenient treatments.

This training section aims to illustrate how to leverage UV Treat to enhance patient outcomes, offer personalized treatment options, and create additional revenue streams.

Let’s first discuss how to structure pricing.
On average, patients with mild to moderate skin conditions typically require 20 to 36 treatment sessions. Each in-clinic UV Treatment session carries a $100 cost per patient, with sessions generally lasting between 5 to 10 minutes.

Let’s calculate potential earnings with one UV Treat Excimer 308nm Laser. Providers and assistants can treat six patients per hour, resulting in an average of $100 per session. Take a look at this chart illustrating revenue potential based on the weekly number of treatments administered. Each patient has an average treatment duration of three months, resulting in 30 total treatments and approximately $3,000 in lifetime value.

Please note that the pricing for in-office UV Treat sessions is at the discretion of each provider. For detailed pricing recommendations for different skin conditions, please download the guide available in this module.

Congratulations on completing this module! In the next section, we’ll explore how UV Treat providers can enhance patient care by incorporating our at-home model into their practice, providing patients with more personalized and holistic treatment plans.